Top Amazon Marketplaces

Amazon is a leading e-retailer in the US with higher than 107 billion dollars in net sales in 2015. In the first quarter of 2016 Amazon revealed that they’ve reached the highest profit ever - $513 million. In the second quarter they exceeded it and it is a 831% annual increase. The total revenue of the second quarter in 2016 - $30.40 billion.

In 2015 Amazon reported more than 304 million active customer accounts worldwide and more than 14 million mobile visitors in the US, aged 25 - 34 (2014 January).

Below you will find TOP Amazon Marketplaces. Amazon USA, Amazon UK and Amazon Germany are in the leading positions now, as these marketplaces have the most sellers in the TOP list. All the TOP Amazon Marketplace sellers are ranked by reviews and monthly sales. Our collected data about TOP Amazon sellers will enable you to choose the best seller and helps you to make the smartest decision when purchasing items on Amazon. The seller information is updated regularly on our website, so you can count on our data precision. To find TOP Amazon sellers, please select the Amazon Marketplace of the country you are willing to buy products from in the list below.