The number 1 marketplace store in France is, launched in 2000. In 2008 Amazon Premium (Amazon Prime as called in other countries) has been introduced. The main competitor for is eBay France, which is also as popular among french people.

Here Amazon France sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Three Months One Year Lifetime
momox fr 1st 1st 1st 2nd
dodax-online-fr 2nd 2nd 3rd 4th
RecycLivre 3rd 3rd 4th 8th
Sporks-Jeans 3rd 52,213th 42,859th 8,867th
musique-pour-vous 4th 4th 2nd 1st
ZOverstocksFR 5th 5th 5th 5th
Passionné Capricorne 6th 6th 9th 55th
Grand Plaisir 360 7th 9th 17th 163rd
Spigen Direct 8th 8th 13th 187th
VICTSING 9th 7th 8th 73rd
Songmics 10th 13th 23rd 85th
KW-Commerce 11th 15th 14th 34th
CSL-Computer 12th 11th 10th 71st
France CDs 13th 12th 19th 51st
Book Depository FR 14th 10th 7th 3rd
UGREEN GROUP LIMITED UK 15th 16th 28th 221st
GOMARK 16th 23rd 27th 250th
JEDirect FR 17th 14th 12th 90th
P & F France 18th 18th 20th 129th
Sonline-HK 19th 20th 33rd 313th
Patuoxun 20th 22nd 24th 134th
Sunvalley-FR 21st 19th 15th 69th
DVDMAX 22nd 25th 25th 12th
worldofbooksfr 23rd 21st 18th 26th
Buyus 24th 24th 6th 14th
Expédition sous 24H 25th 26th 31st 93rd
yueying 26th 29th 91st 727th
NEW'C 27th 31st 86th 694th
Universal Color 28th 36th 32nd 196th
protectionfilms24-FR 29th 37th 29th 161st
Kurtzie - Expédition rapide 30th 44th 70th 99th
JAGO24 FR 31st 33rd 22nd 38th
AS-Discount 32nd 55th 76th 293rd
Stock Bureau Direct 33rd 27th 26th 23rd
decolectrix2013 34th 32nd 59th 504th
La Bouquinerie Plus 35th 48th 62nd 346th
marvelio-france 36th 30th 21st 24th
BSCstore EU 37th 50th 67th 372nd
Ammareal - Colis suivis France - Expédiés sous 24h ouvrées 38th 34th 47th 232nd
XCSOURCE 39th 43rd 36th 68th
GMEX Trading 40th 42nd 39th 124th
Electronic-Star-FR 41st 77th 115th 263rd
Avantek FR 42nd 35th 53rd 306th
Coolreall Official 43rd 17th 30th 276th
iVoler EU 44th 45th 99th 565th
Home MART 45th 39th 153rd 911th
sourcingmap 46th 46th 49th 349th
__The_Best_on_DVD__ 47th 41st 43rd 54th
A-MONTAIN 48th 73rd 333rd 1,756th
LE TANDEM 49th 53rd 54th 20th
Round3FR 50th 57th 75th 183rd
uniqueplace-fr 51st 94th 83rd 171st
PGTA 52nd 62nd 38th 130th
Syncwire 53rd 38th 48th 292nd
Demarkt 54th 84th 93rd 308th
Tianyue Dazzling 55th 72nd 171st 1,102nd
SWEETY LIFE ( Expédié Hong Kong ) 56th 98th 110th 361st
Kolylong® 57th 70th 95th 752nd
PROGAMES 58th 60th 65th 42nd
Mymediashop 59th 76th 78th 10th
cinebox 60th 47th 55th 394th
LES COLIS NOIRS 62 61st 63rd 66th 237th
nagiry 62nd 28th 11th 7th
Essential Oils Direct (Retail) 62nd 30,945th 39,732nd 41,905th
moviemars-amerique 63rd 59th 35th 11th
internet_8810 64th 108th 347th 1,802nd
Malloom® 65th 82nd 68th 369th
Inateck 66th 56th 63rd 153rd
ebestPro (Expédié depuis France) 67th 89th 238th 203rd
ESR Case EU Store 68th 80th 80th 389th
awesomebooksfr 69th 66th 97th 49th
desquentoespania 69th 31,054th 27,689th 26,680th
GAMES 70th 114th 160th 21st
Fly Service 71st 74th 118th 877th
Pearl Diffusion 72nd 67th 98th 269th
zoreno-france 73rd 69th 37th 62nd
Onogo FR 74th 49th 40th 57th
Librairie du Monde 75th 129th 285th 1,533rd
Rosalia Tech 76th 61st 60th 416th
antoine_online 77th 105th 122nd 39th
vhbwfrance 78th 64th 79th 92nd
angemart1999 79th 96th 45th 257th
SEDIVA FR 80th 52nd 51st 9th
Europe Sellers Kings 81st 58th 41st 325th
Clickjunkie 82nd 65th 71st 127th
AnkerDirect FR 83rd 68th 46th 64th
neufoudoccaz 84th 106th 90th 37th
IT LAB 85th 40th 56th 521st
AICEK FR 86th 87th 216th 1,268th
Access-Discount 87th 54th 74th 44th
vidaXL FR 88th 78th 73rd 192nd
Severyn FR 89th 71st 112th 101st
OMOTON UK 90th 112th 380th 1,898th
MEDIA PRO 91st 97th 87th 185th
phone-accessories-FR 92nd 86th 94th 287th
Hisert 93rd 104th 131st 405th
MEDIAZONE 94th 115th 228th 1,320th
-betterworldbooks- 95th 75th 34th 17th
sowelltopfr 96th 93rd 72nd 479th
Rampow 97th 102nd 109th 781st

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