In Germany, the most popular e-commerce site is It all began in 1998, when Amazon acquired Germany’s leading online bookstore, called Telebook ( Since 2007 Amazon Prime became available to everyone and is now the number 1 e-commerce website in Germany.

Here Amazon Germany sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Three Months One Year Lifetime
MEDIMOPS 1st 1st 1st 1st
reBuy reCommerce GmbH 2nd 2nd 2nd 3rd
CSL-Computer 3rd 3rd 4th 13th
Warehouse Deals 4th 4th 3rd 2nd
Boxer Gifts 4th 51,161st 44,265th 37,105th
dodax-shop 5th 5th 7th 262nd
PEARL Versandhaus 6th 6th 9th 15th
AnkerDirect 7th 7th 6th 40th
KW-Commerce 8th 11th 11th 45th
Wohnen Buero und Betrieb 9th 10th 13th 75th
ZBT International Trading GmbH 10th 12th 16th 62nd
ZOverstocksDE 11th 9th 8th 8th
Tolle Unterhaltung 12th 8th 5th 5th
DEUBA GmbH & Co. KG 13th 13th 24th 236th
Songmics 14th 16th 21st 151st
ZOXS GmbH 15th 15th 17th 35th
nagiry 16th 17th 12th 11th
e-joker 17th 24th 23rd 82nd
lets-sell! 18th 18th 15th 4th
zoreno-deutschland 19th 14th 10th 21st
EasyAcc.D Store 20th 22nd 18th 49th
meinemarkenmode 21st 19th 53rd 604th
JAGO24_ 22nd 23rd 14th 38th
*MEMORYKING* 23rd 25th 20th 29th
Zeil24 24th 29th 25th 42nd
NEON Mart 25th 21st 31st 249th
Beauty Store Uk 26th 31st 51st 982nd
desquentoespania 26th 42,917th 44,447th 39,606th
-uniqueplace- 27th 30th 27th 54th
decolectrix2013 28th 20th 30th 493rd
Thats Shopping GmbH 29th 27th 28th 33rd
Elektronik-Star 30th 36th 40th 96th
5 STAR AIRSOFT 31st 45,945th 32,891st 18,874th
JEDirect DE 31st 28th 26th 334th
Fintie EU 32nd 34th 29th 361st
UGREEN GROUP LIMITED UK 33rd 35th 58th 1,009th
an-karlchen 33rd 44,276th 47,260th 20,442nd
BSCstore EU 34th 39th 62nd 1,250th
homepage24 35th 26th 33rd 559th
okluge 36th 32nd 22nd 6th
Xelashop GmbH 37th 42nd 59th 773rd
AukeyMall 38th 38th 65th 1,502nd
SEDIVA Deutschland 39th 33rd 32nd 7th
März Gerste 40th 37th 49th 327th
erkmann - wohnen design geschenke 41st 41st 47th 129th
vhbw - B & W Handelsgesellschaft mbH 42nd 40th 35th 16th
super-buecher 43rd 49th 43rd 28th
HISERT Preise inkl.MwSt 44th 52nd 57th 365th
Spigen DE Direct 45th 62nd 245th 3,714th
janus net AG / inkl. MwSt Widerrufsbelehrung AGB unter Verkäufer-Hilfe 46th 51st 19th 73rd
alles-meine GmbH 47th 60th 68th 144th
Maxstore GmbH 48th 55th 55th 141st
HOBLANK24 Handelsgesellschaft mbH 49th 43rd 61st 650th
Inateck 50th 58th 54th 349th
NORMANI 51st 46th 39th 18th
Venize 100% diskret. Versand auch an Packstation. 52nd 47th 48th 122nd
Blue Vessel 53rd 53rd 102nd 1,602nd
OMOTON UK 54th 65th 303rd 4,119th
VICTSING 55th 45th 46th 858th
Patox 56th 44th 34th 484th
schutzfolien24-DE 57th 54th 37th 39th
ak trade 58th 85th 120th 1,357th
Close Up GmbH 59th 86th 113th 128th
sc_computerecke 60th 56th 81st 429th
Toys-for-fun 61st 84th 122nd 449th
Book Depository DE 62nd 50th 45th 14th
PhoneNatic 63rd 57th 36th 130th
COM-FOUR Vertriebs GmbH 64th 79th 72nd 527th
Rheinberg-Buch 65th 67th 50th 212th
Hanobox 66th 45,663rd 37,648th 6,523rd
makato-shop 66th 59th 78th 465th
Stiefelparadies GmbH 67th 69th 103rd 1,704th
Syncwire 68th 63rd 74th 1,257th
itenga GmbH 69th 66th 97th 263rd
Vitamed Matthias Quinger 70th 73rd 98th 810th
Britainbroadway 71st 106th 202nd 2,634th
apo-discounter Online Apotheke 72nd 61st 73rd 352nd
nox divendo 73rd 74th 95th 114th
hsw 3000 74th 72nd 70th 242nd
Etekcity Corporation 75th 80th 184th 2,409th
ESR Case EU Store 76th 93rd 111th 1,605th
worldofbooksde 77th 48th 41st 97th
A-MONTAIN 78th 127th 760th 6,270th
styleBREAKER 79th 99th 172nd 867th
ABC-Schnäppchenmarkt GmbH 80th 76th 71st 171st
Goods & Gadgets GmbH 81st 89th 117th 843rd
sourcingmap 82nd 64th 64th 1,232nd
HC-Handel Gross-und Einzelhandel 83rd 114th 121st 179th
celodoro 84th 78th 89th 584th
HK-INTELWOLF 84th 49,382nd 47,316th 21,585th
zwergenland2006 85th 124th 222nd 866th
Clickjunkie 86th 71st 77th 66th
Talea Naturkosmetik 87th 82nd 99th 1,164th
Ambiente-3000 Shop Preise inkl. MwSt. 88th 96th 118th 95th
DruckerpatronenExpress 89th 68th 44th 153rd
Ascher-EU 90th 94th 284th 3,720th
urban-styles - Preise inkl. MwSt. 91st 135th 152nd 317th
betterworldbooks__ 92nd 81st 56th 50th
Special-trends 93rd 103rd 150th 322nd
BRUBAKER (Der Schnellversender!) 94th 168th 354th 434th

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