One of the faster growing markets for Amazon is India. was launched in 2013 only, but it is already in the leading positions together with Flipcart and Snapdeal. Due to strict Indian laws, only Indian based retailers are allowed to sell on

Here Amazon India sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Three Months One Year Lifetime
Cloudtail India 1st 2nd 2nd 2nd
Cloudtail 2nd 1st 1st 1st
Amazing Buy 3rd 4th 3rd 4th
Olympia Industries Ltd. 4th 3rd 6th 3rd
uRead-shop 5th 5th 4th 6th
GreenMobiles! 6th 16th 76th 223rd
UBSPD 7th 7th 5th 5th
E-Mobiles 8th 6th 8th 9th
Zephyr Online 9th 9th 7th 7th
JBCPD 10th 14th 15th 24th
Rocket Kommerce LLP 11th 13th 62nd 98th
GreenMobiles 12th 8th 9th 25th
Primarc Pecan Retail 13th 19th 14th 11th
ASSPL 14th 10th 43rd 144th
ASWANI APPARELS 14th 50,109th 23,384th 25,486th
Redlily Store SLP 15th 11th 10th 8th
AMAZING MOBILES 16th 20th 108th 300th
Magicdeal 17th 25th 57th 162nd
Amiable Electronics Private Limited 18th 12th 13th 58th
Buy Books India 19th 15th 12th 27th
PanWorld Books 20th 17th 31st 83rd
KIDA Retail 21st 18th 18th 47th
BooyahChicago 22nd 28th 22nd 42nd
STPL Exclusive Online 23rd 24th 80th 237th
CHEVESTORE 24th 21st 11th 41st
Urban Platter 25th 35th 32nd 93rd
TigeRetaiL_SLP 26th 22nd 17th 10th
Bagtag Store 27th 31st 36th 97th
Ruh International 28th 32nd 25th 35th
ABC Shoe World 29th 23rd 26th 32nd
Okayji 30th 50th 58th 70th
iBhejo 31st 41st 35th 30th
Cart2india SLP 32nd 57th 65th 49th
TECHNOTECH 33rd 47th 70th 132nd
Shop Drive 34th 27th 19th 38th
A2Z ALPHA 35th 26th 20th 17th
AND Retails 36th 43rd 44th 73rd
Mittal Books 37th 85th 399th 758th
Pritam Music Pvt. Ltd. 38th 37th 29th 22nd
BPC India 39th 36th 33rd 45th
Bulfyss® - What You See Is What You Get 40th 42nd 56th 116th
Plus Enterprises 41st 49th 75th 146th
Buy More 42nd 38th 42nd 48th
TekkiTake 43rd 45th 37th 51st
ImagineDesign 44th 40th 34th 54th
Globalite Retail Pvt Ltd. 45th 51st 45th 111th
ATOZ365 46th 67th 61st 124th
Gabbardeals 47th 30th 103rd 292nd
kaira accessories 48th 44th 28th 55th
GoTo Style Mart 49th 29th 16th 20th
Planet M 50th 81st 93rd 135th
Febelo 51st 62nd 72nd 154th
MTT Express 52nd 60th 60th 114th
Beyond Toys And Gifts 53rd 53rd 54th 87th
ONLINE SHOPEE 54th 58th 71st 109th
Fashos 55th 52nd 50th 68th
Autofurnish India 56th 65th 78th 153rd
Electra ! 57th 87th 255th 618th
Primarc Pecan Pet Supplies 58th 73rd 69th 50th
KRAASA 59th 72nd 206th 454th
Mivi Official 60th 80th 170th 439th
AmazinglyFab 61st 70th 113th 312th
Smart Buy Movies 62nd 46th 41st 36th
GOHELLO 63rd 21,287th 24,231st 23,161st
Scanupi 63rd 77th 99th 238th
D K Printworld 64th 146th 387th 744th
dealstar 65th 189th 1,031st 1,886th
DataPower 66th 56th 49th 107th
Aakash & Co 67th 48th 23rd 19th
Baby Rap 67th 36,655th 42,942nd 43,012th
Amazon Export Sales LLC 68th 185th 1,017th 1,858th
ShoppersGallery ( FREE Additional 90 days Warranty services included with this product ONLY when you buy from our store ) 69th 104th 82nd 231st
Dashmesh Shopping 70th 61st 53rd 52nd
Vanita Enterprises® 71st 177th 972nd 1,795th
TTR RETAIL INC. 72nd 82nd 59th 141st
ECellStreet Global (India Division) 73rd 113th 94th 138th
saco 74th 66th 40th 65th
THE MEDICALS 75th 129th 173rd 381st
Care India 76th 125th 155th 236th
Switz Inc. 77th 63rd 147th 286th
Techstoreindia 78th 84th 88th 196th
Elites Accessories 79th 79th 64th 43rd
Phenovo 80th 92nd 339th 752nd
Sunshine Gifting 81st 54th 110th 203rd
Import-Mall 82nd 114th 84th 204th
Bazzar 4 Deals 83rd 136th 219th 414th
Elan Retails 84th 69th 89th 177th
PARAS E-STORE 85th 101st 175th 453rd
V.A. BRANDS 86th 111th 129th 353rd
Inventure 87th 83rd 95th 220th
CENTRAL2014 88th 22,492nd 24,407th 26,504th
XL Retail 88th 68th 30th 14th
Sunstar 89th 97th 143rd 226th
Shatter Shield 90th 106th 307th 699th
iAccessorize India 91st 96th 81st 112th
New Super Star Selections 92nd 59th 120th 120th
Fast Media 2 93rd 138th 322nd 317th
Sasti Deals 94th 76th 51st 89th
Fine Line Retails 95th 75th 73rd 67th
Gadgets_Guru 96th 88th 46th 23rd

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