In 2000, Amazon launched Amazon Japan (アマゾンジャパン) for Japanese people. In 2002 Amazon marketplace was opened up and Amazon Prime became available since 2007. It is now the number 1 most visited e-commerce platform in Japan, though Rakuten is leading here in terms of sales.

Here Amazon Japan sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Three Months One Year Lifetime
NYコレクション 1st 32,432nd 36,445th 23,426th
(株)バリューブックス 365日毎日発送しております。 1st 1st 1st 5th
もったいない本舗 ※通常24時間以内に発送可能です。 ※商品状態保証です。 2nd 2nd 3rd 4th
KISYA 2nd 41,855th 43,145th 30,166th
ネットオフ 3rd 3rd 2nd 1st
憩いの店オアシス 3rd 43,680th 46,007th 25,743rd
中古通販・買取ならエコマケ 4th 4th 4th 8th
群青商会/Azurite_ink【コンビニ入金代引OK】 4th 22,302nd 27,010th 15,789th
AnkerDirect 5th 5th 6th 27th
コンボ(特定非営利活動法人地域精神保健福祉機構) 5th 33,009th 23,905th 25,115th
KAUZO(嵯峨野株式会社)★年中無休・返品保証・局留対応 6th 8th 8th 17th
ビタミンザらス 6th 41,312th 31,709th 14,728th
ブックマーケティング(バーチャルオフィス・私書箱・局留め・営業所留め等への配送不可) 7th 7th 7th 11th
ユニフォーム・タオルの丸福栄 ※発送は全て佐川急便からとなります。 7th 51,589th 49,039th 36,623rd
ブックサプライ北大阪DC◆マケプレアワード顧客満足賞受賞 8th 9th 14th 117th
marvelous3663 8th 43,605th 30,774th 37,665th
importcds_com 9th 6th 5th 2nd
blue-moonショップ 9th 44,615th 49,061st 25,649th
『もったいない本舗』  通常24時間以内発送。 ※商品状態保証 法能店 10th 10th 10th 6th
ハッピー食品 10th 41,804th 38,616th 21,636th
Amazonアウトレット 11th 11th 17th 13th
本・DVD・ネット買取の「買取王子」本店 12th 12th 9th 9th
SHINIL 12th 37,449th 27,014th 24,717th
満点プラス 13th 13th 20th 158th
博多桃太郎 13th 29,176th 37,209th 20,636th
ブックサプライ江坂DC◆マケプレアワード顧客満足賞受賞 14th 16th 23rd 56th
classic CHESS 14th 41,869th 43,153rd 40,579th
通販ショップの駿河屋 15th 14th 11th 3rd
steali 15th 42,464th 32,747th 16,008th
本・DVD・ネット買取の「買取王子清須店」 16th 17th 13th 61st
KOikiRE 16th 46,939th 43,161st 29,069th
古本市場オンライン 17th 18th 21st 45th
RAREWAVES-JP 18th 15th 15th 38th
ビッグ・ディッパー 18th 28,237th 46,061st 48,043rd
ビックカメラ 19th 30th 26th 25th
burabura-shop 19th 37,992nd 31,130th 17,780th
買取アローズ【24時間以内に発送手配&365日毎日発送&同一注文で2点目以降は送料30円返金】 20th 20th 22nd 119th
ゲーム・ストア 20th 50,231st 46,070th 17,551st
amiami あみあみ 21st 27th 28th 40th
CAI Trading 21st 42,480th 32,751st 32,513th
ZOverstocksJPN 22nd 21st 19th 21st
ホビーマート(Hobby-mart) 22nd 40,045th 25,531st 27,171st
ペットビジョン 23rd 22nd 24th 111th
Beans工房 23rd 41,290th 37,214th 26,894th
フルフィルメント エクスプレス 24th 29th 25th 74th
ジェイズレーシング オンラインショップ 24th 43,695th 46,016th 33,047th
本・DVD・ネット買取の「買取王子日進店」 25th 19th 34th 574th
森の本屋さん(日・祭日はお休みです) 25th 33,221st 33,787th 25,127th
Patech 26th 25th 43rd 421st
☆COCO-Import☆ 26th 26,307th 20,133rd 20,243rd
AUKEY JAPAN (メーカー直営店) 27th 35th 38th 381st
大黒天マーケット 27th 38,257th 34,347th 27,520th
ワールドミコイ 28th 37,625th 31,712th 28,719th
uxcell Japan (日本ウェアハウスからの出荷商品以外、お届けまで10ー15日かかります) 28th 26th 40th 513th
太陽コーポレーション FIXユニコーンガンダム特別価格で販売中!セール期間1月9日14時まで! 29th 53rd 78th 175th
たまな商店 29th 44,755th 42,505th 31,307th
マルカワショップ 30th 34th 31st 191st
みらいかん 30th 36,443rd 40,706th 27,871st
Remarks Japan 31st 23rd 16th 52nd
トミーズショップ 31st 30,801st 25,527th 31,464th
jnhショップ 32nd 28th 12th 18th
まほろ商店 32nd 41,080th 24,053rd 29,042nd
本・DVD・ネット買取の「買取王子城屋敷店」 33rd 32nd 30th 248th
美容ダイエット美楽堂 34th 36,400th 22,187th 18,750th
本・DVD・ネット買取の「買取王子前後店」 34th 38th 81st 99th
パトリオット(PATRIOT) 35th 24,433rd 23,907th 15,588th
SoundPEATS Audio【メーカー直営・一年保証付き】 35th 48th 77th 777th
dodax 36th 24th 27th 49th
CustomSkins 36th 17,405th 17,921st 15,821st
EDIONネットショップ 37th 46th 29th 78th
ホビー王国(注文確定後、翌日または即日発送いたします!!) 37th 27,369th 34,351st 9,865th
ブックデポジトリー (Book Depository) 38th 33rd 39th 88th
ヒットグッズ 通販ショップ 38th 46,843rd 45,005th 14,401st
BOOKOFFワットマン店 (送料割引はございません) 39th 37th 35th 150th
SHOPガリレオ 39th 38,325th 41,486th 35,445th
本・DVD・ネット買取の「買取王子千種店」 40th 47th 88th 1,246th
おばクール(有) 40th 48,641st 40,276th 43,552nd
株式会社コジマ 41st 50th 48th 156th
福来る本舗 41st 35,566th 37,585th 43,529th
タンスのゲン【4時間限定!全品価格10%OFF!1/8(日)20:00~23:59】 42nd 40th 68th 322nd
Eiko shops 42nd 42,831st 40,282nd 45,058th
Hee Select 43rd 34,064th 15,606th 9,115th
【送料無料】互換バッテリーの老舗バッテリーバンク【国内発送】 43rd 39th 42nd 31st
年末年始も休まず毎日発送のプリマベーラ(午前8時までの注文は当日発送。迅速・丁寧・梱包発送 44th 42nd 59th 37th
leo shop 44th 33,735th 33,100th 32,859th
Niccou 45th 45th 95th 1,085th
ytoto 45th 30,102nd 40,288th 45,060th
Spigen JAPAN 46th 36th 41st 169th
セルピュア化粧品 46th 49,509th 43,779th 40,772nd
ブックスドリーム 受験参考書・赤本、専門書・医学書の専門店 日曜以外毎日発送 発送後2~5日で到着 47th 41st 32nd 83rd
XDL 47th 22,849th 40,294th 45,065th
STKショップ(7-14日でお届け致します) 48th 31st 36th 282nd
肥前大黒堂 48th 41,844th 35,205th 26,773rd
☆Remedia OUTLET★ 49th 52nd 46th 39th
にくにく堂 49th 46,241st 47,095th 11,836th
QTuo 50th 44th 58th 831st
よしだ本舗 50th 39,029th 40,300th 45,070th
玉光堂 51st 60th 52nd 22nd
藤本時計店 51st 33,772nd 32,272nd 9,962nd
book-station 【買取実施中です】 52nd 43rd 37th 28th

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