In 2015 Amazon introduced it’s latest marketplace called, which enables buyers to buy new and used items from third-party sellers as well as regular Amazon offerings.

Here Amazon Mexico sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Three Months One Year Lifetime
Intercompras 1st 1st 1st 1st
Aromanza 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd
PCEL 3rd 4th 3rd 3rd
VicTsingDirect 4th 3rd 4th 5th
Ibushak 5th 5th 6th 7th
Magna Perfumes 6th 8th 7th 6th
MOLLIE-MX 7th 11th 13th 16th
Ituxs 8th 6th 8th 10th
UGREEN GROUP LIMITED 9th 12th 29th 36th
PEDIDOSCOM 10th 7th 5th 4th
SavforU 11th 10th 15th 19th
Buscalibre Int 12th 13th 10th 11th
Audio Mundo 13th 15th 12th 14th
UrbanInspirations 14th 20th 19th 24th
i-Blason LLC 15th 17th 41st 49th
GARUMI 16th 26th 56th 61st
Lapson México 17th 14th 9th 8th
EB MEXICO 18th 16th 17th 22nd
GRUPO CELMI MOVIL 19th 9th 21st 25th
black&gold 20th 18th 25th 32nd
Systore 21st 19th 27th 27th
Juguetibici 22nd 43rd 60th 59th
START GAMES 23rd 28th 26th 15th
Clicket México 24th 34th 58th 64th
Nettbee Group 25th 24th 16th 13th
Mundo Gadget 26th 22nd 30th 37th
VIP-STORE 28th 32nd 46th 56th
ADISMA-ELECTRONICS 29th 36th 74th 89th
Vision Dream 30th 51st 103rd 125th
Grupo L&L 31st 25th 18th 21st
MICARRITOMX 32nd 33rd 73rd 86th
OptimMore 33rd 45th 94th 118th
ARI COM 34th 27th 71st 84th
A-style japan 35th 23rd 14th 18th
GAMERS RETAIL 36th 31st 32nd 31st
primacy 37th 41st 44th 50th
Perfumes Finos® 38th 29th 23rd 20th
SE Mercador 39th 58th 81st 94th
XtremeTecPC 40th 49th 34th 44th
Astor Warehouse 41st 44th 51st 62nd
daydayup 42nd 46th 84th 101st
Ordena 43rd 54th 53rd 45th
Tech Armor MX 44th 42nd 35th 35th
KW-Commerce-US 45th 35th 11th 9th
Nifty Mexico 46th 38th 83rd 100th
Stylo Zapaterias 47th 63rd 118th 139th
Bodecor 48th 57th 66th 66th
Pendulo. com 49th 52nd 48th 42nd
GADGETLAND MX 50th 39th 47th 57th
Eagle Tech Mexico 51st 21st 49th 60th
SIT Global 52nd 47th 67th 76th
Sounds Mexico 53rd 79th 59th 70th
iDENMEX 54th 37th 31st 40th
Agapea_Libros Urgentes 55th 40th 33rd 30th
JEDirect 56th 67th 140th 170th
TiendaMax 57th 61st 121st 144th
KARZOV 58th 112th 69th 26th
TecBel 59th 70th 99th 111th
ALMA TELECOMM 60th 53rd 28th 23rd
Joly Joy 61st 65th 85th 97th
Gosear 62nd 56th 108th 129th
Juguetron 63rd 100th 191st 228th
HISHIMOTO 64th 74th 55th 58th
LIBRERIAS GONVILL 65th 64th 36th 41st
FARLEY 66th 48th 65th 51st
BluDragon. 67th 50th 54th 68th
Chenson 68th 119th 166th 202nd
Lenatoys 69th 75th 106th 127th
Mercadazo 70th 55th 86th 87th
Herramientas Inteligentes 71st 124th 82nd 79th 72nd 69th 113th 92nd
Engerla Dresses 73rd 83rd 162nd 192nd
Maycom 74th 76th 57th 55th
VonKraken 75th 68th 70th 83rd
Cronometro 76th 107th 115th 126th
hmovil 77th 108th 133rd 102nd
Gadgets Mexico 78th 81st 79th 52nd
Ego Technology 79th 144th 217th 252nd
SOMOS-REYES 80th 71st 75th 75th
MAKACEL 81st 101st 127th 152nd
Power & Co. 82nd 99th 112th 115th
Audiofilia 83rd 126th 135th 138th
Arome Mexico 84th 80th 37th 34th
Superb Choice 85th 129th 144th 156th
TOYS BY BEST 86th 102nd 89th 81st
Solo Ofertas México 87th 97th 119th 137th
Julio Cepeda Jugueterías 88th 113th 149th 128th
El Gran Tlapalero 89th 85th 104th 112th
NAVIPLASTIC S.A. DE C.V. 90th 82nd 170th 206th
FastMediaMX 91st 73rd 61st 43rd
RingkeMX 92nd 59th 88th 103rd
CUBOSRUBIKMX 93rd 123rd 95th 110th
CielitoDrone 94th 96th 62nd 65th
Chicaspekes_andmore 95th 125th 243rd 281st
ibeautyhair 96th 120th 143rd 147th
Hirakihimi 97th 78th 52nd 67th
Variedades América 98th 94th 175th 211th
KANATAONLINE 99th 117th 111th 106th
MoonCase 100th 66th 22nd 28th

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