In 2011 Amazon opened up a spanish version of their store - It instantly became a market leader with all competitors left behind.

Here Amazon Spain sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Three Months One Year Lifetime
Electrónica Rey SL 1st 1st 1st 3rd
VICTSING 2nd 2nd 2nd 11th
Patuoxun 3rd 3rd 5th 17th
A Brilliant Planet 4th 6th 10th 9th
Highly One 5th 4th 11th 23rd
KW-Commerce 6th 8th 8th 1st
Family Board Games 7th 22,222nd 24,840th 24,932nd
Universal Color 7th 5th 12th 27th
Importcds-USA 8th 7th 4th 2nd
CSL-Computer 9th 9th 9th 6th
Songmics 10th 13th 19th 35th
UGREEN GROUP LIMITED UK 11th 11th 17th 32nd
BSCstore EU 12th 19th 24th 56th
iVoler EU 13th 12th 30th 85th
Tianyue Dazzling 14th 16th 43rd 97th
STK e-Shop 15th 21st 61st 109th
JEDirect ES 16th 10th 7th 7th
Sonline-HK 17th 18th 14th 45th
Trend Mall 18th 25th 23rd 54th
Productos Reacondicionados 19th 20th 18th 16th
Sunvalleytek-ES 20th 17th 15th 12th
Onogo ES 21st 26th 16th 14th
protectionfilms24-ES 22nd 24th 13th 21st
Tri-Color 23rd 27th 3rd 15th
angemart1999 24th 33rd 21st 47th
EverDeals 25th 32nd 22nd 49th
Sannysis® 26th 30th 31st 71st
tongshi 27th 40th 47th 111th
The_Book_Depository_ES 28th 23rd 20th 4th
yueying 29th 15th 45th 122nd
Bpro 30th 35th 80th 200th
dinydon 31st 82nd 237th 280th
anyuanweishi 32nd 14th 6th 5th
FUDISI Tech 33rd 51st 157th 349th
Demarkt 34th 54th 77th 138th
batería rey 35th 31st 28th 24th
Poweradd 36th 34th 42nd 89th
Spigen Direct ES 37th 97th 68th 175th
Etekcity Corporation 38th 49th 117th 231st
Sunny Market 39th 37th 49th 90th
Home MART 40th 36th 108th 239th
sourcingmap 41st 29th 35th 78th
Mallom® 42nd 47th 29th 67th
XCSOURCE 43rd 46th 25th 8th
AICEK ES 44th 53rd 134th 304th
AIGOTECH 45th 44th 73rd 169th
GoldenSwing 46th 22nd 50th 133rd
Europe Sellers Kings 47th 50th 40th 64th
ACTECOM 48th 41st 65th 137th
GNWE 49th 45th 76th 173rd
worldofbooks-es 50th 39th 33rd 31st
Beauty House-ES 51st 42nd 41st 82nd
ESR Case EU Store 52nd 58th 51st 88th
JAGO-AG 53rd 56th 34th 28th
Trazos Descanso 54th 35,184th 36,703rd 36,755th
Ilovemymovil 54th 59th 71st 181st
Fintie EU 55th 61st 92nd 222nd
Hispazon Shop 56th 86th 179th 375th
OMOTON UK 57th 52nd 125th 288th
THE BIG OUTLET COMPANY 58th 98th 116th 161st
nagiry-españa 59th 64th 54th 20th
PAPELSTORE 60th 75th 90th 214th
Feeego 61st 43rd 32nd 76th
dodax-es 62nd 60th 48th 18th
PHONELAND ACCESSORIES 63rd 70th 64th 66th
gohappybuy 64th 57th 53rd 119th
Agapea Libros Urgentes 65th 91st 112th 52nd
Suaoki ES 66th 55th 111th 259th
Ringke Official ES Store 67th 38th 26th 19th
Kolylong® 68th 76th 185th 409th
Qflying 69th 67th 163rd 343rd
Uxpressbuying 70th 72nd 78th 149th
Wizideal 71st 78th 114th 244th
Electronic-Star-ES 72nd 119th 105th 94th
Productos Licenciados 73rd 108th 137th 105th
Fologar 74th 66th 58th 142nd
Coolreall Official 75th 28th 27th 69th
igadgitz_esp 76th 83rd 36th 22nd
MercadoActual 77th 71st 133rd 118th
due-home 78th 62nd 63rd 77th
RETEVIS CO.LTD 79th 100th 145th 256th
TecTake España 80th 63rd 46th 34th
PaperbackshopUK_es 81st 48th 59th 38th
outlettablet 82nd 85th 60th 46th
Fishingking 83rd 125th 282nd 398th
Happy Sales UK 84th 69th 67th 163rd
sc_computerecke 85th 68th 107th 190th
Becool 86th 74th 82nd 172nd
Severyn Directo 87th 81st 121st 228th
JulieFord653 88th 103rd 381st 712th
POOPHUNS OFFICIAL 89th 105th 424th 784th
TuMundoSmartphone 90th 77th 38th 10th
Linking Mart 91st 73rd 81st 129th
ForTravel 92nd 112th 270th 553rd
Duoda 93rd 65th 140th 315th
Donkeyphone® | Disponible Envío 24/48h por solo 295€ | Stock en España 94th 92nd 39th 70th
highqualityforyou(in Hong Kong) 95th 93rd 109th 176th
Ularma 96th 107th 177th 393rd
Pretty BOX 97th 89th 55th 63rd
REAL SNIKERS 98th 116th 230th 489th

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