Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a program allowing sellers to offload most of their warehouse operations to Amazon. Although extra fee is charged for that, many retailers still use Amazon warehouse and order-fulfillment service. FBA also can be used by third-party sellers to sell on other platforms, such as eBay or the websites of their own. If a seller has more than half of their products fulfilled by Amazon, he is considered as FBA seller.

Seller One Month Three Months One Year Lifetime
VICTSING 2nd 2nd 2nd 11th
Patuoxun 3rd 3rd 5th 17th
CSL-Computer 9th 9th 9th 6th
Songmics 10th 13th 19th 35th
UGREEN GROUP LIMITED UK 11th 11th 17th 32nd
BSCstore EU 12th 19th 24th 56th
iVoler EU 13th 12th 30th 85th
Tianyue Dazzling 14th 16th 43rd 97th
JEDirect ES 16th 10th 7th 7th
Sunvalleytek-ES 20th 17th 15th 12th
Tri-Color 23rd 27th 3rd 15th
yueying 29th 15th 45th 122nd
Bpro 30th 35th 80th 200th
anyuanweishi 32nd 14th 6th 5th
batería rey 35th 31st 28th 24th
Poweradd 36th 34th 42nd 89th
Spigen Direct ES 37th 97th 68th 175th
Etekcity Corporation 38th 49th 117th 231st
Home MART 40th 36th 108th 239th
AICEK ES 44th 53rd 134th 304th
GoldenSwing 46th 22nd 50th 133rd
Europe Sellers Kings 47th 50th 40th 64th
ESR Case EU Store 52nd 58th 51st 88th
Fintie EU 55th 61st 92nd 222nd
OMOTON UK 57th 52nd 125th 288th
Feeego 61st 43rd 32nd 76th
gohappybuy 64th 57th 53rd 119th
Suaoki ES 66th 55th 111th 259th
Ringke Official ES Store 67th 38th 26th 19th
Uxpressbuying 70th 72nd 78th 149th
Wizideal 71st 78th 114th 244th
Productos Licenciados 73rd 108th 137th 105th
Coolreall Official 75th 28th 27th 69th
RETEVIS CO.LTD 79th 100th 145th 256th
Happy Sales UK 84th 69th 67th 163rd
sc_computerecke 85th 68th 107th 190th
POOPHUNS OFFICIAL 89th 105th 424th 784th
Linking Mart 91st 73rd 81st 129th
Duoda 93rd 65th 140th 315th
Closeupshop 100th 147th 221st 317th
1byone EU 101st 95th 132nd 302nd
EASYSMX 104th 113th 178th 354th
SOUNDSOUL Direct 105th 104th 142nd 295th
FINETHER 108th 143rd 411th 757th
Avantek ES 110th 80th 70th 114th
Digimaxx 112th 117th 155th 338th
Character ES 117th 162nd 456th 731st
Andoer Official 120th 131st 312th 613th
LV Publicidad 122nd 216th 246th 396th
Art Naturals Spain 123rd 133rd 448th 820th
Hippidion.Store 125th 99th 66th 164th
Ecandy-ES 126th 88th 126th 289th
Depósito de Juguete 129th 325th 616th 561st
Britainbroadway 132nd 136th 103rd 193rd
iHarbort 139th 134th 97th 79th
Neoglory Company 140th 200th 222nd 453rd
KeenstoneEU 145th 158th 434th 796th
AresparkDirect EU 148th 102nd 138th 294th
SPN Imports and Services LLC 149th 204th 210th 117th
AnkerDirect 150th 129th 57th 30th
G-Hub 153rd 144th 99th 75th
GMEX Trading 154th 197th 169th 281st
AukruDirect 157th 171st 164th 274th
Five Star 158th 87th 85th 171st
Mudder Online 159th 153rd 147th 217th
GoldenBell 162nd 145th 195th 347th
A-MONTAIN 164th 167th 525th 953rd
PerfectPrint 166th 106th 91st 96th
Wenyixin Tech 171st 154th 243rd 514th
AHORA EN VENTA 174th 568th 1,179th 1,618th
dcmall 176th 152nd 215th 454th
Hisert 178th 168th 208th 339th
uvistar 179th 178th 240th 505th
Rampow 180th 165th 251st 527th
EC Technology ES Store 182nd 205th 130th 218th
Buy Zone Direct 185th 688th 841st 970th
Syncwire 192nd 114th 56th 101st
SoundPEATS 193rd 334th 928th 1,573rd
Daffodil Es 203rd 283rd 1,019th 1,709th
bigmouthstore-ES 204th 293rd 328th 526th
SunvitoDirect 206th 270th 385th 720th
BQEEL Direct ES 207th 161st 326th 636th
Afunta ES 210th 290th 318th 293rd
A & B GmbH 216th 140th 75th 139th
Mosiso ES 219th 188th 206th 364th
YongTop 220th 146th 156th 346th
I-Blason EU 222nd 201st 379th 472nd
Inateck 223rd 190th 193rd 102nd
New Harbor Sales 224th 157th 37th 50th
Pandamimi--The Great ULAK Case Company 226th 246th 223rd 388th
efluky Direct 228th 249th 522nd 929th
DragonTouch_Direct 229th 312th 624th 1,103rd
Vikoo 230th 175th 196th 420th
Livingstone-EU 231st 203rd 487th 864th
YIXIN Shop 234th 244th 632nd 1,115th
iTekLife UK 235th 276th 365th 656th
GAINWELL UK 236th 220th 715th 1,247th
Simple Tek 238th 316th 266th 468th
Zacro-euro 241st 202nd 446th 818th
Onite 242nd 208th 350th 652nd

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