In 2011 Amazon opened up a spanish version of their store - It instantly became a market leader with all competitors left behind.

Here Amazon Spain sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Three Months One Year Lifetime
SixBros. España 590th 616th 197th 205th
UKbettershare 591st 433rd 368th 276th
eSynic 592nd 406th 633rd 1,118th
EasyAcc.I Store 593rd 641st 311th 581st
TechyPro 594th 539th 455th 759th
TopBrandBOXES 595th 524th 250th 368th
fubaodauk 596th 609th 1,435th 2,290th
MUNDIOUTLET 597th 797th 999th 460th
Wo! Accesorios® 598th 574th 428th 719th
Lanveni 599th 588th 272nd 480th
ECO-FUSED UK 600th 535th 345th 580th
Zenoplige LLC 601st 500th 533rd 972nd
CeRui Power 602nd 716th 1,558th 2,443rd
nearfine 603rd 419th 469th 247th
CABLEMATIC 604th 487th 346th 126th 605th 525th 529th 842nd
BINARY SYSTEMS SL 606th 607th 393rd 704th
DIGITALGUY INTERNATIONAL INC 607th 670th 563rd 834th
Sport & Cheap S.L 608th 1,026th 1,735th 2,287th
Ipow-Official 609th 514th 231st 344th
Mactrem-EU 610th 567th 697th 1,219th
11fly 611th 459th 896th 1,514th
Boutique-Mister-Express 612th 1,197th 1,595th 2,441st
La Isla 613th 534th 268th 432nd
BB Sport 614th 796th 839th 1,132nd
Meidele 615th 438th 607th 1,084th
docsmagic 616th 745th 1,016th 1,475th
Electropolis_Online 617th 443rd 437th 511th
Qubi Store 618th 37,251st 13,155th 3,869th
elenxs 618th 725th 1,934th 2,974th
Dokpav 619th 503rd 183rd 234th
J-Groove - La entrega antes del 5 de enero NO está garantizada. Envíos procedentes de Japón - 620th 715th 782nd 776th
hibuy 621st 537th 683rd 916th
inShang 622nd 705th 406th 443rd
OCIODUAL 24HORAS 623rd 414th 238th 98th
allgadgets 624th 834th 634th 895th
Tucch 625th 621st 412th 568th
kekong 626th 937th 1,804th 2,813th
Eyekepper-ES 627th 733rd 741st 1,213th
ESTUYOYA 628th 302nd 150th 189th
CANDURE 629th 689th 747th 1,137th
BeneStellar Inc 630th 620th 1,054th 1,754th
HEALTHY DEALS 631st 940th 2,202nd 2,717th
SOWTECH 632nd 542nd 763rd 1,153rd
Naipo Care 633rd 744th 1,491st 2,360th
miroytengo-es 634th 395th 313th 404th
Herso SL 635th 814th 600th 718th
TECATEL 636th 489th 380th 537th
CY GROUP. 637th 668th 778th 1,223rd
Wordery España 638th 589th 471st 296th
smartvisiones 639th 266th 182nd 385th
zhuz's shop 640th 177th 277th 559th
discountjewels 640th 34,854th 36,399th 36,451st
RUIISTU 641st 647th 1,215th 2,019th
AVIDES ESPAGNE 642nd 699th 521st 530th
Hale Communications 643rd 586th 705th 1,207th
HOTCOOL EU 644th 585th 766th 1,326th
Vidal Regals Spain 645th 829th 645th 422nd
Military 1st 646th 764th 576th 621st
Pasonomi 647th 536th 589th 943rd
MMP Living Spain 648th 1,408th 2,411th 3,686th
Hogar y más 649th 700th 541st 394th
Ayanna Store 649th 43,532nd 44,364th 44,416th
Kumu-UK 650th 704th 261st 263rd
Absolute Cult 651st 920th 1,131st 1,878th
DR.F 652nd 1,094th 2,765th 4,157th
AITA Digital 653rd 1,029th 2,548th 3,878th
Dailyart 654th 840th 1,156th 1,838th
Spigen Official Store 655th 288th 159th 91st
Tuecompra S.L. 656th 461st 374th 426th
Smarty You 657th 614th 439th 808th
DelTA 658th 773rd 711th 403rd
FastMedia "Despachos de USA" 659th 420th 967th 361st
twenty too 660th 24,130th 26,588th 26,666th
BlueBeach 660th 798th 2,000th 1,278th
goodiduk 661st 509th 729th 1,263rd
eTuyo 662nd 687th 496th 381st
ELECTRODOMESTICOSWEB 663rd 551st 325th 503rd
Jstyle Joyería 664th 1,115th 2,102nd 3,241st
MMRMSZ 665th 846th 1,671st 2,611th
Ricoo Media Technology (Ricoo-Medientechnik) Prices VAT included. 666th 618th 452nd 509th
HAIBEI 667th 655th 324th 541st
ahorrandoo 668th 729th 869th 1,142nd
Onda Radio S.A. 669th 516th 310th 264th
geiler-einkaufen 670th 45,693rd 46,358th 46,410th
Megaleder 670th 884th 1,028th 1,306th
Better World Books Ltd. UK 671st 485th 269th 167th
Gohepi 672nd 625th 1,685th 2,627th
Jalousiescout Shop 673rd 382nd 204th 305th
Yesken 674th 962nd 1,897th 2,903rd
Tarion.EU 675th 1,253rd 2,899th 4,363rd
Legusplay 676th 1,257th 1,819th 1,425th
MasterofMuscle 677th 643rd 1,781st 2,712th
CEDIS 678th 1,041st 845th 508th
bluestercool 679th 408th 1,208th 2,007th
Nabumbu 680th 1,597th 2,547th 3,877th
LERWAY Tech. 681st 672nd 906th 1,500th
HotShuffle 682nd 680th 1,722nd 2,518th
Topways 683rd 1,064th 944th 1,602nd
Innovationstore 684th 736th 817th 798th

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