Among Amazon regular offerings in Amazon USA fixed-price online marketplace, called Marketplace, you can find new and used items from various third party sellers. Buyer’s credit card is charged by Amazon USA and the payment is sent to the seller, but no credit-card information is passed. You can find more information about this on Wikipedia.

Here Amazon USA sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Three Months One Year Lifetime
Jenson Books Inc 1st 1st 4th 27th
AnkerDirect 2nd 2nd 3rd 24th
River Colony Trading 3rd 5th 8th 9th
Fintie 4th 6th 10th 50th
Pharmapacks 5th 3rd 1st 41st
Quidsi Retail LLC 6th 8th 11th 134th
seasonwide 7th 23rd 103rd 438th
KE Toys & Games 7th 48,419th 47,988th 20,680th
Sunvalleytek 8th 10th 13th 92nd
Round3 9th 7th 9th 64th
OxKom 10th 9th 6th 85th
etailz 11th 4th 2nd 33rd
BSCstore 12th 14th 22nd 110th
Avalanche Brands 13th 12th 7th 30th
Prime Discount 13th 51,583rd 38,657th 8,872nd
stores123 14th 16th 21st 194th
Liamgallagher 14th 51,650th 44,932nd 45,183rd
6pm LLC 15th 18th 23rd 270th
Utopia Deals 16th 13th 12th 202nd
Etekcity 17th 22nd 29th 209th
hippo_books 18th 11th 5th 6th
SFC Tools 18th 48,255th 42,828th 30,264th
Pretty Cool 19th 50,726th 33,606th 28,912th
Juvo+ 19th 28th 43rd 327th
Book Depository US 20th 15th 17th 12th
BIGFLY 21st 17th 15th 22nd
THE BT GROUP 22nd 20th 18th 101st
Kellyshop.123 22nd 50,991st 16,879th 9,446th
Collections Etc 23rd 32nd 83rd 379th
Caseology® 24th 19th 24th 136th
-importcds 25th 21st 14th 1st
Zappos Retail Inc. 26th 38th 137th 1,238th
Asurion LLC 27th 33rd 61st 351st
uxcell 28th 25th 25th 68th
JEDirect 29th 29th 27th 257th
Cards Against Humanity LLC 30th 78th 121st 173rd
TechMatte 31st 27th 38th 165th
SquareTrade 32nd 46th 55th 143rd
Used Book Superstore - Middleton MA 32nd 49,489th 44,108th 328th
Better World Books: Main 33rd 26th 16th 4th
CAPSI 34th 50,194th 41,019th 8,589th
marvelio 34th 24th 50th 183rd
ST Trading Co.Ltd 35th 48,074th 41,481st 43,724th
JAF GIFTS 35th 59th 233rd 444th
CafePress 36th 72nd 174th 431st
Art Naturals 37th 31st 20th 325th
GSELLERS 37th 51,056th 32,897th 32,988th
Deep_Discount_Entertainment 38th 39th 40th 43rd
Number 1 In Service 39th 63rd 98th 206th
DBROTH 40th 52nd 44th 34th
Spigen Inc 41st 30th 19th 73rd
G-BAND 41st 49,741st 42,823rd 47,512th
OutdoorEquipped 42nd 37th 41st 164th
Wordery USA 43rd 67th 168th 1,012th
Music. store 43rd 51,362nd 23,377th 28,348th
topshoesUS 44th 58th 131st 1,151st
PRICE 2 GO 44th 48,253rd 42,664th 32,149th
Mr.Shield 45th 44th 62nd 561st
AmericaRx 46th 35th 30th 38th
VTechkids: The Official VTech Toys Store 47th 105th 333rd 2,044th
Alexander Del Rossa 48th 101st 244th 524th
TCP Global Corp 49th 70th 113th 144th
PosterRevolution 50th 83rd 79th 61st
Change It 50th 46,834th 46,970th 49,436th
Super Deal 51st 65th 95th 205th
NetRush 52nd 49th 51st 149th
MMP Living 53rd 81st 106th 62nd
MYBATTERYSUPPLIER 54th 53rd 57th 111th
Epic Business Services Online 55th 47th 34th 352nd
Deals On Call 56th 40th 47th 142nd
Green_Earth_Books 57th 36th 39th 29th
Prime Time Commerce 58th 74th 117th 606th
Under Armour 59th 124th 171st 287th
NY Lingerie 60th 62nd 67th 105th
Cable Matters 61st 42nd 37th 113th
BlueMall 62nd 82nd 115th 10th
VicTsingDirect 63rd 57th 82nd 576th
Radha Beauty Products 64th 50th 36th 472nd
Thriftbooks 65th 41st 35th 7th
ITFabs 65th 50,147th 43,496th 44,386th
-Daily Deals- 66th 48th 32nd 13th
Golden Alfa LLC 66th 49,904th 50,785th 51,563rd
PlumStruck 67th 110th 191st 463rd
Gatzies 68th 43rd 60th 256th
GrandmasGiftware 69th 151st 285th 451st
Songmics Direct 70th 98th 148th 1,207th
TheNewMall 71st 75th 69th 224th
Aukey Direct 72nd 64th 107th 776th
Cambridge Select 73rd 99th 99th 369th
Great Price Fast Service 74th 66th 89th 233rd
MightySilver 75th 60th 92nd 161st
Zoverstocks 76th 34th 26th 16th
Our Pampered Home 77th 77th 54th 91st
TOTAL BOOKS 78th 91st 105th 216th
Preferred Mart 79th 61st 42nd 215th
megahitrecords 80th 76th 59th 176th
Liberty Imports 81st 150th 376th 1,023rd
1byone Products Inc. 82nd 88th 149th 936th
SportingDoc 83rd 73rd 87th 348th
Hisgadget Inc 84th 92nd 80th 162nd

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