eBay entered Canadian market in 2000 with eBay.ca and since then is among the e-commerce leaders together with Amazon Canada.

Here eBay Canada sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Three Months One Year Lifetime
thrift.books United States 1st 2nd 9th 289th
estocks_usa United States 2nd 1st 2nd 33rd
get_importcds United States 3rd 9th 8th 11th
thehoneyroastedpeanut United States 4th 8th 6th 21st
bhfo United States 5th 3rd 1st 6th
apparelsave United States 6th 6th 5th 10th
betterworldbooks United States 7th 4th 4th 17th
jewelryfindingshop China 8th 7th 7th 31st
mieiel6792014 China 9th 10th 12th 270th
fanteller United States 10th 17th 13th 58th
am-autoparts United States 11th 5th 3rd 7th
ecop! United States 12th 14th 11th 19th
best_buy United States 13th 38th 54th 139th
blowitoutahere United States 14th 19th 18th 15th
matthijs_philatelie Belgium 15th 15th 15th 526th
xa-electronics United States 16th 21st 17th 44th
comyur China 17th 11th 19th 514th
gearxs United States 18th 55th 63rd 39th
toysrus United States 19th 98th 194th 179th
happytimesforever United States 20th 34th 48th 228th
comc_consignment United States 21st 13th 65th 7,105th
home-gallery United States 22nd 30th 24th 68th
mhestore2009 China 23rd 12th 10th 26th
pharmapacks United States 24th 28th 67th 434th
burbanksportscards United States 25th 23rd 16th 567th
perfume-empire United States 26th 69th 62nd 146th
bargainbookstores United States 27th 42nd 44th 52nd
kejiee98i8 China 28th 26th 53rd 940th
gregmorriscards United States 29th 27th 31st 1,274th
2014wanghonmeiey China 30th 138th 272nd 565th
newlauch China 31st 51st 73rd 41st
grandeagleretail United States 32nd 37th 69th 93rd
shopsy United States 33rd 16th 21st 445th
partscontainer United States 34th 33rd 39th 175th
elec-mall China 35th 22nd 20th 23rd
carpartswholesale United States 36th 32nd 32nd 12th
amazingforlesscom United States 37th 134th 216th 1,585th
sanhe777 China 38th 35th 35th 144th
artofdeals United States 39th 121st 180th 141st
probstein123 United States 40th 41st 47th 173rd
vminnovations United States 41st 25th 22nd 14th
shop*zing United States 42nd 72nd 145th 1,028th
bestfriend520 China 43rd 18th 23rd 1,901st
moviemars United States 44th 54th 70th 5th
batterygallery United States 45th 79th 50th 42nd
riverchild-1 United States 46th 24th 14th 189th
deals1688 China 47th 20th 25th 351st
covershield United States 48th 53rd 49th 124th
alice1101983 China 49th 62nd 66th 230th
zorotools United States 50th 43rd 36th 72nd
battersbox United States 51st 94th 111th 708th
lovelyhome2015 China 52nd 48th 99th 1,449th
jewelrysmart87 China 53rd 39th 43rd 165th
chunyong1975 China 54th 47th 59th 212th
bessky_star China 55th 31st 34th 410th
bargainhuntersfriend United States 56th 40th 40th 1,346th
beyondhuangmj China 57th 67th 77th 521st
ouyou2010 China 58th 57th 41st 24th
junnyshop8988 China 59th 44th 38th 121st
antverpiastamps Belgium 60th 66th 64th 3,819th
ecamonline2012 China 61st 29th 26th 234th
bessky China 62nd 61st 78th 403rd
sarafankit2009 India 63rd 146th 182nd 630th
targetstores United States 64th 52nd 33rd 104th
joyce*1314 China 65th 58th 79th 1,347th
yallstore United States 66th 108th 130th 13th
eforcity United States 67th 87th 110th 1st
honeystore2011 China 68th 63rd 84th 686th
happyness8966 China 69th 49th 52nd 122nd
e_coming China 70th 45th 27th 491st
utopialive87 China 71st 46th 42nd 133rd
sseariver2009 China 72nd 36th 28th 48th
omnimodels United States 73rd 86th 74th 111th
xpectmoreforless United States 74th 91st 106th 265th
mcm United States 75th 110th 105th 114th
spigen_inc United States 76th 77th 88th 240th
phoenixtradingcompany United States 77th 73rd 61st 59th
fanatics United States 78th 204th 377th 86th
go_sports_and_entertainment United States 79th 358th 902nd 553rd
ohbuybuybuy Malaysia 80th 104th 75th 544th
xtremegems2010 United States 81st 65th 51st 215th
quirkparts United States 82nd 59th 57th 148th
e_back China 83rd 88th 124th 1,324th
drhotdeal United States 84th 131st 150th 129th
rockarch United States 85th 362nd 366th 2,297th
finest78 China 86th 75th 109th 414th
threerb United States 87th 93rd 76th 20th
onfine2008 China 88th 71st 118th 531st
oddbanana United States 89th 97th 86th 28th
access-market China 90th 84th 136th 866th
thinkingdvd United States 91st 158th 174th 63rd
94racing-us China 92nd 70th 100th 1,296th
ebayshippingsupplies United States 93rd 56th 107th 2,373rd
historymj China 94th 64th 56th 258th
fulllove365 Malaysia 95th 50th 29th 197th
lightfoot41 United States 96th 92nd 92nd 534th
rubiomagic United States 97th 90th 108th 435th
luckapen Thailand 98th 74th 45th 665th
fashion_key China 99th 107th 148th 798th
verabradley United States 100th 112th 132nd 867th

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