eBay.fr was launched in France in 2010. Due to high number of strong competitors in this market, competition is fierce and Amazon France is now in the leading position.

Here eBay France sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Three Months One Year Lifetime
e.f.connection France métropolitaine 1st 2nd 3rd 49th
liangn_zn Chine 2nd 1st 1st 12th
callmelinlin7 Chine 3rd 3rd 2nd 3rd
lfwins2008 Chine 4th 6th 6th 2nd
warm-tech Chine 5th 10th 16th 88th
access-market-de Chine 6th 4th 4th 40th
vcomp-fr France métropolitaine 7th 8th 8th 29th
tonsee Chine 8th 11th 15th 21st
soleilenrose-fr Chine 9th 5th 7th 39th
sinotech2016 Chine 10th 7th 10th 87th
topoot Chine 11th 14th 18th 16th
dreamshop75 France métropolitaine 12th 12th 9th 22nd
fournirperles Chine 13th 9th 5th 13th
mobile-station-74 Chine 14th 15th 12th 127th
94racing-fr Chine 15th 17th 14th 128th
bettershop01 Chine 16th 18th 21st 36th
dushaonline2008 Chine 17th 20th 43rd 17th
phonexpert78 France métropolitaine 18th 16th 11th 26th
encre4u France métropolitaine 19th 19th 19th 76th
ngame Chine 20th 26th 59th 812th
hk_5009 Chine 21st 34th 45th 958th
3c-mobiles Chine 22nd 36th 67th 584th
yaloocharms Chine 23rd 21st 28th 161st
ebestpro.sarl France métropolitaine 24th 32nd 20th 15th
akacha_26 France métropolitaine 25th 13th 13th 5th
fashionbaby-go Thailande 26th 78th 212th 3,211th
humaker Hong Kong 27th 52nd 81st 1,444th
nicesumer Thailande 28th 88th 256th 3,486th
accecity2010 Chine 29th 27th 25th 19th
vhbwfrance Allemagne 30th 28th 32nd 33rd
top4pc France métropolitaine 31st 23rd 29th 98th
electron-discount France métropolitaine 32nd 41st 26th 79th
t.lovendo.sonseca Espagne 33rd 29th 27th 48th
onibuy Chine 34th 40th 24th 43rd
anglebabylife Chine 35th 43rd 52nd 727th
phonillico France métropolitaine 36th 30th 47th 392nd
bouti-skill France métropolitaine 37th 58th 58th 464th
etherwholesale Chine 38th 47th 34th 11th
zoomici2 France métropolitaine 39th 45th 37th 25th
pecheurdetimbres France métropolitaine 40th 70th 129th 558th
dodax-france Suisse 41st 48th 39th 366th
happy-zp Chine 42nd 62nd 108th 1,926th
zanzea_vogue Chine 43rd 33rd 54th 93rd
adoreroniomanie Chine 44th 31st 41st 653rd
herodiscount France métropolitaine 45th 44th 31st 116th
je-aime-perles Chine 46th 25th 22nd 32nd
more-stock Hong Kong 47th 60th 61st 245th
chunskyoo1 Chine 48th 37th 36th 799th
color4phonefr France métropolitaine 49th 57th 109th 1,241st
salut-perles Chine 50th 24th 17th 30th
note-x-paris France métropolitaine 51st 42nd 30th 45th
ecamels Chine 52nd 67th 102nd 321st
pripa62 France métropolitaine 53rd 50th 46th 96th
france-mobile Espagne 54th 35th 33rd 54th
eight-horses Chine 55th 54th 69th 860th
mp4_telecom France métropolitaine 56th 49th 40th 7th
antoseka France métropolitaine 57th 53rd 63rd 144th
bijoux-tout-le-montre Chine 58th 142nd 437th 5,608th
tinasbox Chine 59th 38th 35th 899th
xcongfeng Chine 60th 64th 76th 809th
emarket888_de Hong Kong 61st 56th 42nd 10th
e-zistore France métropolitaine 62nd 85th 97th 324th
neo-dis_com France métropolitaine 63rd 97th 86th 353rd
superongleart_beb Chine 64th 39th 44th 90th
universpc2011 France métropolitaine 65th 65th 55th 66th
tandem-boys France métropolitaine 66th 74th 80th 170th
chapitreb2b France métropolitaine 67th 75th 53rd 18th
iparts_fr France métropolitaine 68th 55th 60th 82nd
jeco-distribution France métropolitaine 69th 72nd 72nd 64th
kika7878 France métropolitaine 70th 123rd 168th 86th
ebuysalon Chine 71st 100th 206th 2,634th
les-colis-noirs-lcn France métropolitaine 72nd 82nd 91st 60th
igfamilytree Chine 73rd 164th 495th 4,582nd
annikamanche France métropolitaine 74th 80th 73rd 412th
bo19531 France métropolitaine 75th 71st 56th 297th
hohesa Allemagne 76th 59th 51st 35th
48express-fr Chine 77th 81st 89th 193rd
chrono-piece Luxembourg 78th 63rd 48th 123rd
vvvseller Chine 79th 22nd 23rd 106th
angshoo Chine 80th 61st 64th 726th
threeriverwang Chine 81st 84th 93rd 647th
stelaire24 France métropolitaine 82nd 69th 65th 272nd
bequet France métropolitaine 83rd 76th 57th 104th
briac05 France métropolitaine 84th 66th 49th 72nd
smartrepa2016 France métropolitaine 85th 79th 126th 2,096th
general1st Chine 86th 77th 70th 202nd
abcmodelisme France métropolitaine 87th 236th 732nd 546th
histoirepostale83 France métropolitaine 88th 68th 66th 110th
navyrecall Thailande 89th 422nd 1,151st 6,831st
mnm_distrib_france France métropolitaine 90th 139th 261st 2,147th
2014dancing Chine 91st 73rd 71st 453rd
made4home France métropolitaine 92nd 311th 901st 5,620th
tradingcardsxxx France métropolitaine 93rd 51st 68th 460th
high-techdiscount France métropolitaine 94th 109th 113th 31st
2014gogoal Chine 95th 107th 331st 2,237th
tuningtrc France métropolitaine 96th 89th 90th 398th
ganjiwang Singapour 97th 121st 317th 1,385th
indianapanam France métropolitaine 98th 128th 135th 177th
bm-electronique France métropolitaine 99th 95th 101st 1,494th
sochicdeal France métropolitaine 100th 96th 270th 2,647th

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