In India eBay launched in 2005 as after acquiring and integrating their platform to eBay marketplace. is trying to compete with Indian market e-commerce leader - Amazon India, but still remains in the 2nd place.

Here eBay India sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Three Months One Year Lifetime
silverinc India 1st 1st 2nd 209th
magideal India 2nd 2nd 14th 333rd
import-mall India 3rd 8th 6th 142nd
bright_stamps2011 India 4th 28th 24th 290th
i2cworld_inc3 United States 5th 5th 1st 2nd
shoppingseries India 6th 3rd 4th 106th
krazydeals2010 India 7th 4th 3rd 10th
mudra_collection99 India 8th 10th 9th 261st
rsvintageparts2014 India 9th 11th 8th 47th
shopping_hub24x7 India 10th 15th 47th 514th
mr.antique_shaikh India 11th 9th 5th 34th
ssphila India 12th 26th 44th 365th
rockingdeals-technix India 13th 20th 28th 375th
krishonline2016 India 14th 19th 19th 53rd
manmai.coins.notes India 15th 7th 10th 110th
rehaanht India 16th 32nd 42nd 57th
cooperateworld China 17th 102nd 301st 1,527th
ankitgupta642013 India 18th 25th 36th 516th
accessoriesmasters India 19th 18th 25th 3rd
mittalstamp India 20th 23rd 20th 165th
girishsoni123 India 21st 13th 7th 183rd India 22nd 24th 29th 24th
newshistory India 23rd 14th 12th 525th
ubergadgets India 24th 27th 22nd 7th
jigaraccessories3012 India 25th 22nd 30th 44th
ska.india India 26th 16th 17th 403rd
seretail India 27th 21st 23rd 182nd
magonlineshop India 28th 30th 48th 355th
bestproductscenter India 29th 31st 108th 719th
indianstampcompany India 30th 39th 61st 105th
hotdealsbazar1 India 31st 44th 34th 314th
zafraa_india India 32nd 130th 159th 3,660th
1975sunil India 33rd 37th 43rd 192nd
shop-your-world India 34th 50th 59th 121st
mxmdrtechnologies India 35th 71st 177th 594th
mobzon India 36th 43rd 76th 520th
kamalmedicine India 37th 36th 37th 139th
delhihutt India 38th 86th 139th 323rd
inmobit India 39th 64th 46th 421st
punit.agl90 India 40th 58th 56th 15th
vivekanand India 41st 69th 73rd 167th
gautamco India 42nd 38th 74th 13th
ebuy1456 India 43rd 17th 33rd 413th
amazinggadgetsclub India 44th 131st 106th 435th
pawanjalanipawan India 45th 59th 53rd 279th
usscoins India 46th 77th 96th 706th
healthy_world India 47th 53rd 63rd 251st
sai-wholesale India 48th 42nd 49th 407th
popiworl_0 India 49th 100th 300th 1,445th
best_value_dealz India 50th 46th 69th 307th
zaran.coindealing India 51st 200th 291st 592nd
jkm365 India 52nd 109th 249th 924th
robodo.electronics India 53rd 101st 68th 409th
worldofbuyers2015 India 54th 300th 466th 1,673rd
thebesthobby India 55th 55th 98th 724th
bestseller20092010 India 56th 41st 31st 137th
poojafotodeal12 India 57th 35th 26th 21st
iinvestor India 58th 598th 1,267th 1,165th
chheda_covers India 59th 51st 84th 388th
princemobilestore India 60th 68th 65th 40th
gromo_deals India 61st 49th 94th 124th
technotechtechnologiespvtltd2014 India 62nd 56th 153rd 750th
new_stamps India 63rd 57th 124th 1,260th India 64th 88th 95th 920th
royalphilately India 65th 184th 195th 426th
exotichomeshop India 66th 45th 60th 575th
leotechsell India 67th 98th 82nd 225th
exclusivegemsonline India 68th 79th 103rd 472nd
clik_n_pik India 69th 29th 50th 561st
auxusiberryindia India 70th 463rd 721st 1,729th
aaaretail India 71st 54th 11th 37th
philamumbai52 India 72nd 246th 199th 380th
online.accssories India 73rd 123rd 145th 92nd
famousgemstore India 74th 158th 154th 303rd
victcoin India 75th 75th 62nd 224th India 76th 133rd 147th 79th
coinera2015 India 77th 410th 649th 1,430th
ahbgroups India 78th 185th 322nd 1,513th
balajitraders2013 India 79th 186th 188th 244th
rselectronicscity1985 India 80th 82nd 149th 1,326th
expresssellersz India 81st 115th 321st 1,823rd
omsaitrading India 82nd 113th 112th 123rd
laptopzones India 83rd 274th 383rd 1,390th
runningoutofstock India 84th 125th 179th 756th
shopnonstop24x7 India 85th 112th 118th 52nd
saitechit India 86th 76th 105th 305th
tellambitious India 87th 84th 173rd 513th
gemsarasilver India 88th 466th 695th 1,124th
mobile_eshop India 89th 67th 85th 194th
booyahchicago India 90th 197th 144th 65th
fitnesshub15 India 91st 12th 16th 330th
estuffz India 92nd 192nd 180th 845th
jpenterpriseonline India 93rd 209th 240th 1,141st
digi_cam_store India 94th 94th 89th 68th
ashras11 India 95th 97th 52nd 88th
zyphr_philately India 96th 213th 178th 148th
retail_at_wholesale India 97th 585th 1,286th 2,754th
mahaphilla India 98th 321st 450th 1,409th
parasestore1 India 99th 60th 166th 1,270th
herbaluniverse India 100th 83rd 64th 302nd

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