In 2005 eBay decided to launch in Ireland. is the number one platform in the country, as Amazon does not have presence here. Instead customers can shop on Amazon UK.

Here eBay Ireland sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Three Months One Year Lifetime
musicmagpie United Kingdom 1st 1st 1st 1st
worldofbooks08 United Kingdom 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd
argos United Kingdom 3rd 3rd 4th 4th
mieiel6792014 China 4th 6th 10th 256th
zoomonline United Kingdom 5th 19th 24th 262nd
superdrystore United Kingdom 6th 9th 9th 16th
kenable_ltd United Kingdom 7th 10th 8th 9th
2015happydeal Hong Kong 8th 5th 13th 385th
wordery United Kingdom 9th 13th 16th 23rd
rarewaves-outlet United Kingdom 10th 15th 27th 340th
ppretail United Kingdom 11th 7th 7th 19th
ynaan China 12th 4th 3rd 17th
thinkprice United Kingdom 13th 11th 6th 7th
fzeroinestore China 14th 8th 5th 26th
lmelectrical United Kingdom 15th 14th 11th 10th
theentertainmentstore United Kingdom 16th 53rd 80th 195th
revivalbooks United Kingdom 17th 12th 18th 43rd
wgd0947 China 18th 20th 25th 661st
kayfast1 United Kingdom 19th 17th 12th 116th
direct2publik United Kingdom 20th 27th 26th 32nd
bluechargedirect United Kingdom 21st 24th 28th 24th
kejiee98i8 China 22nd 25th 36th 857th
baham_books United Kingdom 23rd 18th 17th 67th
massiveattack007 United Kingdom 24th 16th 15th 38th
e_cell United Kingdom 25th 30th 33rd 5th
gogreenuk United Kingdom 26th 43rd 52nd 129th
zeusmall China 27th 26th 32nd 444th
speedyhenuk United Kingdom 28th 29th 38th 11th
onlinebeautybuys Guernsey 29th 37th 68th 40th
unopery China 30th 23rd 22nd 124th
cskwin2015 China 31st 22nd 21st 369th
zysysy2012 China 32nd 21st 14th 15th
mobileextraltd United Kingdom 33rd 35th 48th 241st
buysend United Kingdom 34th 40th 46th 13th
continental27 35th 44th 73rd 216th
vovotrade_top China 36th 33rd 47th 677th
cz_discount China 37th 66th 83rd 1,148th
monster_bookshop United Kingdom 38th 45th 91st 226th
spares-2-go United Kingdom 39th 39th 35th 22nd
mm3478 United Kingdom 40th 148th 263rd 621st
fastfashionhouse United Kingdom 41st 95th 180th 2,297th
finetech007 Malaysia 42nd 28th 19th 252nd
goldstonebooksuk United Kingdom 43rd 174th 184th 77th
qdsupplies United Kingdom 44th 48th 65th 39th
good365 China 45th 41st 55th 842nd
iloveu_father China 46th 55th 95th 822nd
wordery_specialist United Kingdom 47th 83rd 93rd 299th
goto7dayshop United Kingdom 48th 38th 37th 168th
joanne9090 United Kingdom 49th 36th 63rd 53rd
homeware2u United Kingdom 50th 62nd 66th 213th
tonsee_store China 51st 50th 58th 439th
jackandpanky United Kingdom 52nd 64th 87th 1,659th
domu-uk United Kingdom 53rd 63rd 97th 477th
sweegardens China 54th 82nd 229th 2,661st
sportsdirect_outlet United Kingdom 55th 46th 44th 34th
ed1835 United Kingdom 56th 42nd 39th 60th
jimshop168 China 57th 54th 75th 431st
rscommunications United Kingdom 58th 51st 42nd 27th
carpartssaver United Kingdom 59th 56th 57th 154th
a-place-in-space United Kingdom 60th 32nd 30th 112th
jewel-mania United Kingdom 61st 34th 41st 119th
galaxycentre13 Malaysia 62nd 624th 1,546th 5,869th
ajcj-fun United Kingdom 62nd 65th 53rd 193rd
2012-hello China 64th 72nd 76th 769th
autospares_direct United Kingdom 65th 47th 45th 225th
allsunme China 65th 84th 102nd 1,306th
shopto_outlet United Kingdom 66th 280th 379th 151st
seller-vision United Kingdom 68th 91st 99th 48th
all_your_music United States 69th 86th 79th 63rd
stella-comm United Kingdom 70th 116th 151st 79th
mr-wiper United Kingdom 71st 69th 116th 419th
uksolarseller China 72nd 58th 40th 263rd
sashtime United Kingdom 73rd 130th 108th 57th
concept_4u United Kingdom 74th 129th 121st 330th
so-much China 75th 146th 351st 4,404th
fusion_online United Kingdom 76th 52nd 34th 108th
bluelagoonproducts United Kingdom 77th 74th 104th 73rd
moonretail United Kingdom 78th 182nd 312th 202nd
timy786 United Kingdom 79th 108th 125th 14th
sweedirect China 80th 117th 183rd 2,130th
heavends China 81st 59th 20th 18th
phonekingdom786 United Kingdom 82nd 92nd 123rd 1,042nd
hellfire_trading United Kingdom 83rd 106th 103rd 171st
navibuzz China 84th 240th 425th 867th
dadong2012 China 85th 370th 910th 8,156th
rzk75 United Kingdom 86th 127th 164th 132nd
topshopuk10 United Kingdom 87th 94th 106th 708th
xbiteworld United Kingdom 88th 142nd 182nd 55th
footballshoponline United Kingdom 89th 261st 473rd 360th
ozaroo-uk United Kingdom 90th 119th 86th 292nd
vinsaniuk United Kingdom 91st 111th 134th 89th
boohoo_outlet United Kingdom 92nd 31st 49th 207th
jadlamracing United Kingdom 93rd 195th 241st 123rd
pink_and_blue_gifts1 United Kingdom 94th 121st 153rd 140th
bolt-world United Kingdom 95th 70th 85th 1,474th
littlewoods-clearance United Kingdom 96th 96th 78th 76th
abcdeshop China 97th 193rd 277th 397th
bed-world United Kingdom 98th 102nd 137th 141st
premier-factors United Kingdom 99th 67th 61st 277th
newsky25 China 100th 104th 64th 796th

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