eBay Spain hit the Spanish market only several years ago – in 2014 and is the 2nd most popular e-commerce site after the market leader Amazon Spain.

Here eBay Spain sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Three Months One Year Lifetime
electroja España 1st 1st 1st 6th
ociodual España 2nd 2nd 2nd 1st
t-lovendo.center España 3rd 4th 3rd 2nd
fast-delivered-world España 4th 3rd 4th 18th
onlinex_es España 5th 9th 14th 73rd
wonbu* España 6th 8th 21st 155th
todotumovil España 7th 5th 5th 10th
avefenix1 España 8th 14th 11th 13th
joe_for_sale España 9th 12th 6th 17th
hk_5009 China 10th 28th 30th 275th
tiendademoda_es China 11th 11th 20th 146th
tiendabaratanumero1 España 12th 6th 7th 50th
es-mobile-home China 13th 7th 17th 164th
todophonestore2011 España 14th 13th 10th 9th
electronica_rey España 15th 26th 33rd 23rd
toporders15 China 16th 24th 58th 413th
todobarato24horas España 17th 20th 16th 5th
idealholiday-es China 18th 15th 18th 239th
cashconverters_es España 19th 23rd 24th 217th
albita-shop España 20th 21st 19th 4th
c-o-d-e-x España 21st 10th 9th 21st
eshop2may Hong Kong 22nd 17th 8th 31st
smart_geek España 23rd 30th 43rd 30th
cogac_online_0_2010 España 24th 18th 15th 7th
greenstuffworld España 25th 29th 25th 121st
chsna_estore China 26th 16th 12th 54th
esinval España 27th 31st 28th 80th
el_business España 28th 34th 39th 134th
actsl España 29th 27th 23rd 49th
tumundosmartphone.sl España 30th 32nd 27th 12th
allaccesories España 31st 22nd 26th 72nd
donkeyphone-com España 32nd 44th 50th 325th
yeah-beautiful Tailandia 33rd 88th 241st 1,255th
evolutionssi España 34th 48th 38th 56th
solectroshop España 35th 36th 49th 522nd
ltdper2 España 36th 19th 45th 318th
mitro-shop España 37th 56th 34th 88th
tiendamovilesymas España 38th 112th 165th 584th
esdemarca España 39th 47th 52nd 281st
movilbazar España 40th 52nd 61st 211th
sosov5 China 41st 25th 13th 55th
xixiriz España 42nd 40th 47th 206th
masquehobby España 43rd 62nd 51st 14th
gamezonemadrid España 44th 45th 36th 287th
outlet-ocasiones España 45th 72nd 81st 241st
ladormilona España 46th 98th 112th 543rd
bcnstockcars España 47th 59th 46th 170th
impressioncar China 48th 55th 94th 442nd
kokoyesgo China 49th 39th 31st 87th
asunshareo Tailandia 50th 103rd 253rd 1,282nd
ofertasparati España 51st 43rd 29th 52nd
rarewaves-es Reino Unido 52nd 54th 79th 200th
94home-garden China 53rd 42nd 76th 562nd
2011reina España 54th 69th 65th 66th
atsnotes01 España 55th 46th 41st 439th
23outsporting China 56th 91st 243rd 1,163rd
viensdemoi China 57th 53rd 110th 620th
becoolcover España 58th 68th 86th 418th
latiendadigital2014 España 59th 76th 78th 175th
playmoingstore España 60th 63rd 60th 668th
superchollos2012 España 61st 50th 53rd 149th
onimart China 62nd 73rd 63rd 82nd
pantalla_portatil España 63rd 49th 42nd 39th
alkala2003 España 64th 33rd 35th 28th
servi-movil España 65th 38th 37th 85th
oscar638003523 España 66th 70th 69th 167th
silveres_9 China 67th 82nd 140th 952nd
garfo_es España 68th 57th 44th 92nd
movilrey España 69th 58th 62nd 374th
lorenzo-mania1 España 70th 207th 267th 504th
drpavito España 71st 86th 100th 302nd
coll-massi España 72nd 406th 877th 4,054th
pl4netariumshop España 73rd 64th 59th 43rd
tu_tiendastore España 74th 65th 55th 27th
tienda-phone España 75th 60th 71st 393rd
powermatica España 76th 61st 66th 210th
katanaunlocks_com Andorra 77th 41st 40th 68th
storetic España 78th 67th 88th 458th
gmobileee España 79th 84th 80th 182nd
jonathan_ahrens Estados Unidos 80th 75th 67th 91st
gpgspain2012 España 81st 51st 56th 103rd
numismatica_valencia España 82nd 96th 96th 465th
toyofmine Hong Kong 83rd 80th 90th 350th
vamav2016 España 84th 109th 116th 616th
telge-tec Alemania 85th 71st 48th 47th
jpbcollections España 86th 151st 121st 1,524th
piezas_portatiles España 87th 77th 83rd 129th
subastas-outlet-2000 España 88th 168th 367th 2,349th
labuenacompra2013 España 89th 113th 114th 188th
22homeasybuy China 90th 121st 296th 1,314th
oferton365 España 91st 116th 95th 165th
billetes-del-mundo España 92nd 119th 91st 315th
safetyprice2014 España 93rd 118th 137th 464th
yeray142007 España 94th 126th 168th 1,289th
arreglatelo_es España 95th 85th 193rd 937th
madorisoluciones España 96th 130th 143rd 426th
planetmovilsur España 97th 89th 89th 308th
dacada2005 España 98th 90th 77th 114th
zaibis España 99th 93rd 87th 16th
ccir1384 España 100th 138th 174th 258th

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