Walmart launched its marketplace in 2009 and called it Walmart Marketplace. Along with Walmart’s own inventory you will find other retailer products. Walmart Marketplace items have seller’s name displayed on the items. Due to the growth of Amazon USA marketplace, in 2016 Walmart made it easier to join its marketplace as it was much more complicated before and that’s why the grow of Walmart Marketplace was very slow.

Here Walmart sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Three Months One Year Lifetime
Best Choice Products 1st 1st 1st 4th
Hayneedle 2nd 7th 10th 6th
Wayfair 3rd 5th 5th 1st
Altatac 4th 6th 6th 7th
Pharmapacks 5th 4th 3rd 5th
eForCity 6th 3rd 2nd 3rd
Tasharina Corp 7th 2nd 4th 8th
Christmas Central 8th 8th 11th 9th
PlumStruck 9th 9th 35th 46th
Costway 10th 16th 54th 64th
VMInnovations 11th 10th 7th 10th
UnbeatableSale 12th 13th 9th 2nd
Fintie LLC 13th 14th 16th 15th
Miles Kimball Company 14th 15th 17th 20th
DrHotDeal 15th 18th 13th 17th
AGPtek 16th 17th 20th 24th
Won Lane 17th 12th 24th 29th
Realco USA 18th 39th 80th 98th
Gem Stone King 19th 35th 64th 66th
Beach Camera 20th 24th 27th 32nd
EEEKit 21st 19th 33rd 43rd
AMI Ventures Inc 22nd 31st 71st 86th
MovieMars 23rd 48th 112th 125th
Bic Warehouse 24th 11th 8th 11th
iSave 25th 21st 15th 18th
Zoro 26th 20th 14th 14th
GLYBY TECHNOLOGY INC 27th 52nd 128th 141st
Direct Home Supplies 28th 27th 42nd 55th
Happydealmall 29th 46th 104th 117th
ULAK Cases 30th 38th 32nd 40th
Toywiz 31st 41st 56th 63rd
ArtofDeals 32nd 44th 25th 26th
ApparelSave 33rd 30th 30th 33rd
SaveTronix 34th 22nd 28th 34th
Toynk Toys LLC 35th 23rd 39th 51st
AllTopBargains 36th 33rd 51st 62nd
My Goods 37th 32nd 19th 23rd
Beach Audio Inc 38th 26th 18th 19th
Id-Rack 39th 37th 62nd 70th
Calendars LLC 40th 47th 84th 100th
HUI TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD 41st 73rd 162nd 170th
BeltOutlet 42nd 43rd 45th 57th
Mattel Inc. 43rd 88th 173rd 184th
Tech2Date 44th 29th 29th 36th
SF Planet 45th 40th 21st 22nd
VIP Global Co. Ltd 46th 74th 161st 169th
AmericaRx Smart Shop 47th 28th 22nd 28th
HomeSquare 48th 34th 23rd 25th
DealClock 49th 49th 90th 108th
Cameta Camera 50th 50th 44th 44th
Hobby Hunters Inc. 51st 56th 78th 96th
MyOfficeInnovations 52nd 36th 59th 68th
Deal Genius 53rd 45th 36th 42nd
US Pride 54th 83rd 166th 177th
OJCommerce 55th 42nd 43rd 54th
ProElectronics Distributing Inc. 56th 57th 110th 124th
Aosom 57th 53rd 49th 60th
Zavko Inc 58th 58th 121st 135th
Best Service Stores 59th 51st 26th 27th
JemJem Certified 60th 62nd 145th 157th
VitaminLife 61st 59th 48th 39th
Yahee Technologies Corporation 62nd 85th 167th 178th
iTURBOS 63rd 146th 239th 245th
Babyhaven 64th 54th 37th 47th
Champions On Display 65th 95th 85th 83rd
Collectibles of the Game 66th 109th 158th 165th
BuyVPC 67th 67th 60th 61st
LavoHome 68th 128th 208th 220th
ProMax Commerce 69th 104th 186th 201st
47st. Photo 70th 110th 100th 94th
Quality Photo 71st 117th 143rd 142nd
Smart Mobile 72nd 118th 195th 208th
pcRUSH 73rd 82nd 52nd 48th
AreaTrend 74th 115th 117th 129th
AASKUS 75th 70th 50th 16th
Simple Cell Inc 76th 66th 61st 69th
Kedyrolo llc 77th 106th 168th 179th
antonline 78th 72nd 31st 35th
aSavings 79th 101st 170th 182nd
Zizo 80th 80th 93rd 110th
Gravity Trading Inc 81st 132nd 174th 186th
VirVentures 82nd 60th 101st 114th
eCopUSA 83rd 90th 119th 133rd
Brooklyn Battery Works 84th 77th 97th 112th
Global Phoenix 85th 144th 227th 235th
BetterHome 86th 103rd 185th 198th
Ritz Camera 87th 127th 133rd 149th
PCMicroStore 88th 108th 69th 71st
Monoprice Inc 89th 75th 38th 45th
Crucial Vacuum 90th 61st 86th 102nd
Sirr0und INC 91st 96th 183rd 195th
MiniOrderBox 92nd 100th 184th 196th
Begum9 93rd 120th 181st 193rd
OTCRx4U 94th 124th 192nd 206th
Pompeii3 95th 149th 198th 199th
Wholesale Costume and Party Supplies 96th 25th 34th 38th
Gadgets Experience 97th 142nd 215th 227th
Big Deal Hunter 98th 97th 57th 52nd
VIP OUTLET 99th 65th 47th 58th
Pens N More 100th 113th 190th 204th

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